With this simple trick you can have a dream garden: orchids will bloom everywhere! Let’s find out how to do it together.

There is nothing better than a beautiful, well-kept garden , welcoming and full of colorful flowers. Flowers put everyone in a good mood, they are a delight for the eyes, the sense of smell and the spirit. According to statistics, in Italy, the most loved flowers are roses, orchids, tulips and sunflowers. Today we will see together how to make our garden an oasis of orchids.

For those who don’t know, orchids are flowers that exist in nature in different beautiful colors. Their color varies based on the PH of the soil in which they are planted. It also varies based on their origin. There are white orchids, purple, orange, pink, yellow orchids. Or even striped orchids and rich in different colors. A great variety that allows you to color the garden with your favorite color.

Orchids in your garden

Gardening: A Rigid Activity

Those with green fingers know it well: caring for plants is a very complex activity that imposes some rigid rules. If you do not follow certain rules you cannot successfully obtain the desired results. Each plant and each flower of any species requires specific “personalized” and targeted care, and if they are not applied they could die in no time.

In order to maintain the vigor and beauty of our flowers we must pay attention to a series of factors: the amount of water to inject during the day, exposure to the sun, fertilizers and much more. Each individual species requires unique and targeted care. It is therefore essential to respect the cycles and parameters of each individual species: only in this way can we offer the best care and consequently enjoy their beauty.

It is important to remember that it is not just about exposure to the sun, water and fertilizer: there are tricks and solutions that can completely revolutionize our way of gardening. The trick we are talking about today is part of this category: a particular solution, little known but extremely effective. Let’s find out together how to fill the garden with beautiful orchids with this particular method.

Orchid Garden

With this method your garden will be invaded by orchids

With this trick you will undoubtedly be able to make orchids bloom in your garden . It is a little-known and not very popular method because it is a novelty in this field. The purpose of this procedure is to create a very powerful fertilizer for orchids . What you need to create this magical fertilizer is ginger and seaweed, called nori seaweed. 

Nori seaweed is known to be a very versatile food, it is nutritious and healthy. In Japan it is widely used, both in the food sector and in gardening. Even in Italy it is now a common food and we can find it in many stores . Few people know that seaweed is an excellent material for creating a fertilizer for plants, especially for orchids. Nori seaweed and ginger work miracles. Let’s see together how to use it in the best possible way.

Seaweed and ginger: use them like this

Using these two ingredients correctly we can create a sensational fertilizer to help our orchids grow and bloom abundantly all year round. The first step is to get a “sheet” of nori seaweed , 15 or 20 grams of fresh ginger and a liter of water at room temperature. The second step is to put everything in a blender and turn it on until it becomes a puree. After that you will need to filter the puree to eliminate all the residues and keep only the liquid part of the mixture.

This is the fertilizer , let’s see how to use it. The first method consists of soaking cotton balls in the liquid obtained and rubbing them on the upper and lower part of the orchid leaves. Ginger has antiseptic properties and will help eliminate fungi and parasites from the plants. In addition, ginger and orchids contain many essential minerals for the growth of plants. The orchid will absorb some nutrients through the leaves.

Nori seaweed

With this method the leaves will always remain green, but only if we clean them regularly. In fact, when we clean them we help them to open the stomata and the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide will be much easier. The orchid will synthesize chlorophyll more easily. The result will be a robust, strong orchid, with thick flowers and bright colors . The cleaning operation of the leaves should be done at least once a month.

With the ginger and nori seaweed fertilizer you can also water the soil: the plant will absorb nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium . A complete range of nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of orchids. This contributes to the production of more flowers by the plant: the effect is to reduce the stress of the plant, helping it to resist the effects of UV rays and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold. Therefore, the orchids will be protected from parasites, fungi and bacteria and will grow abundantly all year round.