Did you know that there is a trick to quickly grow new plants and branches for your orchids? Let’s find out together.

There are various ways and techniques to have plants that are always blooming and healthy. Each plant requires some care and tricks to grow luxuriantly. Orchids are very delicate and beautiful shrubs that need to be cared for in the right way to quickly grow new branches and leaves.

By providing the plant with the right amount of light , water and fertilizer, you can stimulate its flowering phase. To grow orchid seedlings quickly, I recommend you read the method exposed here.

Orchid Care

Orchids are flowers that need specific care to develop and make new roots and leaves. Water is essential for the growth and development of an orchid plant . Being tropical plants, they require a good amount of light and humidity.

Some varieties of plants are able to adapt well to different climatic conditions. Regarding lighting, it should be said that although they require a lot of light, they should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

Water is necessary for every type of plant, since it allows their vital functions. In the case of orchids, it should be specified that it must be given in the right dose and frequency. The substrate of an orchid must always be moist. Never overdo it with irrigation to avoid creating stagnant water and rotting the roots of the plant .

In a natural way, using specific fertilizers and targeted care, you can grow beautiful orchids . To obtain beautiful blooms and always have healthy orchids, you can implement some simple procedures.


Orchids blooming

The orchid usually blooms once a year, but given its elegant buds they last for a long time. In general, it can be said that the flowering of the orchid is linked to several factors. To favor the flowering of this beautiful tropical plant, the ideal temperature to keep it, is between 20 and 25 degrees.

An orchid needs many hours of light, better if filtered by a curtain in the house. Depending on the species of orchid , it is therefore important to guarantee it the right amount of light, humidity and fertilizer.

There are some types of orchids, such as the well-known Phalaenopsis or butterfly orchid , whose flowers last from three to five months. After flowering, to make new buds and new flowers grow, it is enough to cut the dry branches and stems at the points where the nodes are empty.


Procedure for increasing branches and seedlings

The first thing to do to have orchids that always bloom , with plants and branches, is to take a clove of garlic and cut it into pieces. The chopped garlic should then be placed in a glass container with about 300 ml of water. After closing the container with a cap, the garlic should be left to soak for about 4 hours.

In the meantime, you need to take an egg, make a small hole on one end, empty it and make another hole on the opposite side. The emptied eggshell must be washed well with water. At this point, just take an orchid branch and make a diagonal cut on one end to help absorb the water.

After filtering the water with the garlic, the latter must be transferred into a glass container. The orchid stem must be immersed in the filtered garlic water for about twenty minutes. After this time, the branch must be cleaned with cotton wool. Then you need to take some moss, which must be wet with the garlic water and then squeezed. After filling the eggshell with moss, simply insert the orchid branch.

To complete, you need to take a plastic bottle, cut the neck of the bottle to obtain another container. After placing the neck of the bottle on the bottom of the plastic container, you need to place the eggshell with the orchid . After adding the water, you need to close the container with the orchid stem in the shell.

After four weeks, you can proceed with changing the water, and after about two months you will get new leaves and healthy roots. The new orchid plant can finally be transferred into a transparent vase with soil.