Scented soaps near garden plants: this is a method to apply immediately if you want to solve this problem.

When you have a garden and you love taking care of plants, there are some gestures that should be applied every day. Some methods may seem unusual and strange, yet expert nurserymen surprise and emphasize something unique and never tried. Like scented soaps near the plants in the vegetable garden and garden: why is it done? Once you try it, you will not be able to do without it.

Scented soaps: why put them near plants?

Taking care of plants is important, especially during their growth. Professionals in the sector invite you to pay attention to plants and also not to use chemical components , products that are on the market and could harm instead of helping.

The plus is to use scented soaps to put around the plants in the garden. But for what purpose? In this way you can have a natural repellent, while embellishing the garden with a simple and fast gesture.

To implement this method you will need:

  • Scented soaps;
  • Fabric bags;
  • Wooden sticks;
  • A stapler;
  • A knife.

Take the soap and cut it into many small pieces , then insert them into the fabric bag. Close the edge with the help of the stapler or with colored tape. They do not have to be closed completely, but leaving an opening so that the aroma of the soap can come out.

Scented soaps

Help yourself with the wooden stick to fix the soap in several points of the garden, inside the vases and on the plants to be able to keep away any type of insect.

Expert advice and advantages of the method

The main advantage of this method is that no harmful products or preservatives have been used. In addition, the scent of the soap will impact insects, which will not appreciate this surprise.

It is important that the soap bars are changed every week, so that the power of their smell does not completely disappear. A natural soap is able to perform its insecticidal action and if you want you can also exploit it in another way.

In fact, you just need to grate the Marseille soap and put it in a pot where there is already 1 liter of water. Bring to the boil and then stir until the soap dissolves completely. Then pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on the leaves of the plants. An excellent solution to keep all types of insects away in any part of the garden.

The two methods can be used together , enhancing the insecticidal action of the soap.

To make the insecticide natural and even more powerful, we use the strength of white wine vinegar. A powerful, cheap and commonly used ingredient , to be used with two and a half tablespoons. These are added to the solution proposed above to create the right emulsion against any type of insect or plant parasite .