What to do when water comes out of the refrigerator? Few people know and do not know the real reason to stop immediately.

When water comes out of the refrigerator there is not much to do, except immediately call a technician. However, this is not always the case because in some cases the situation could be solved with a few simple gestures saving money. Furthermore, the reason is not known to practically anyone and it is something to note to solve the situation quickly.

Water leaking from the refrigerator? What is the reason?

When the thermostat does not work and water comes out of the refrigerator, what should you do? When the internal temperature of the appliance changes, humidity and therefore water can be created as you can see on the floor or inside the appliance itself.

Not only that, in fact if you perceive a temperature that is too low in the fridge, it could be due to a broken thermometer or one that is not set properly . The first thing to do is therefore to check the thermostat, that it has the correct temperature. What is the right temperature for a fridge? Usually between 4° and 5°C. If the thermostat is not working, it is better to call a specialized technician and ask for a guarantee on the intervention.

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There could also be another problem , namely the broken water tank. Often people do not look at and clean the back of the appliance . There is dust, debris and even a recovery tank that could be damaged or completely broken. Not only that, it could – with a move – be positioned on the wrong side. If it is full of water, if it is in an incorrect position or if the container is broken, the water will spill onto the floor.

It is not to be underestimated, because the excess water ends up on the floor and then under the refrigerator. To fix the situation, it is necessary to reposition the tray, or replace it with a new one. If the valve is clogged, then it is time to consider calling a technician.

When to call a technician?

When the valve is clogged, few people realize it. This is a hidden piece of the refrigerator, at the bottom and under a piece of rubber. It is located near the water recovery tray and the frame of the appliance. These are parts that should never be touched, unless by a professional in the sector.

This valve may be blocked, dirty , clogged or damaged causing water to leak out of the container and onto the floor.

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If it is clogged, it is necessary to clean the valve . If it is damaged, it is necessary to proceed with the replacement, calling a qualified technician.

But be careful, if the refrigerator leaks water from the bottom it could also be due to its drain. The hole at the bottom could be blocked, full of dust or debris. The water condenses and remains still “flooding” the entire surface. This is an action that can be done by yourself, but in any case it is best to contact a professional technician in the sector.